"This Trilogy is a culmination of 15 years worth of planning, thinking, dreaming, and countless hours of work.  I wish my Father were with us to see this come to fruition, but I believe he sees and is proud."

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The world reeled with portents of doom as very real, and distinctly human, Gods and Creatures of Myth, in truth…highly evolved mutations of man, stepped from the shadows alongside a new breed of super powered men and women, forcing their existence into society. nearly a century past those turbulent days mankind’s advancements in bio-genetics and weapons technology combined with the age old power of nuclear weaponry has helped form a tenuous balance within this new integrated society EVOLUTION, but tensions boil as the inevitable clash between physical power, man’s insatiable lust for control, and corporate greed prepare to erupt in an epic confrontation for supremacy.

Enter Vince, a powerful former hero icon who has spent the past 40 years behind the scenes in Special Operations for the military. What begins as a simple intervention and intelligence gathering mission embroils Vince and his team into something far bigger than any of them could have imagined. In a hard-hitting whirlwind of action Vince is reluctantly thrust into the high stakes and brutal world of ancient evos and corporate power. Assaulted and vilified, Vince begins to unravel an intricately devilish plot launched by a cabal of the world’s most cunning power players steeped in deception, murder, and betrayal. The Cabal seeks to unhinge the very balance of nature to achieve their ends, but internal betrayals derail the intricate plan…or do they? Vince and his allies mount a resistance amidst their own struggles of self-doubt, loss, and love to uncover startling truths and disturbing realizations of themselves and the world they are fighting for. They pay a heavy price as they struggle to avert an impending war that could alter the evolution of mankind forever!
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